Welcome to Muse and Lyrics!
I'm delighted that you're here.


You are the Muse and the Lyrics are your story.

Every Muse and Lyrics creation is a facet of you that's brought to life, our pieces become the style track of your life

At the age of five and with Barbie as my first muse, the seed for Muse and Lyrics was sown.

Mum was a seamstress and would have leftover fabrics that I'd gather, cut into doll size pattern pieces, assemble with my prized Strawberry Shortcake toy sewing machine and make into outfits for my Barbie dolls.

While working in a corporate career, I decided to start Muse and Lyrics with a vision to create signature pieces that defined life's special moments.

Based in Sydney, Muse and Lyrics is proudly made by hand with love and care in Australia. We value slow fashion over mass-production so that each quality piece is worthy of the investment and cherished forever.

The Muse is who you are and who you aspire to be - she’s the many facets of you. You are confident and adventurous with an effortless style, you live in the moment and manifest your own luck.

With love x

Vi - Founder and Creative Director